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Hertility Hormone Testing: Unraveling the Mysteries of My Hormonal Health!

Do you feel like your hormones are negatively impacting your health?

Do you wish there was a way to find out more answers about your reproductive hormones so you can be better informed about your body and your future?

Hormones play a pivotal role in our health and quality of life, any imbalances can impact the optimal functioning of our body's intricate systems. Whilst we may appear “healthy” on the outside, that is not a guarantee that our cells are humming along smoothly, on the inside.

A hormonal imbalance can affect everything from our stress levels, how we store fat, our hunger levels, menstruation, fertility, and more.

At 36 and experiencing changes in my moods and periods, I have been on the lookout for further answers about my own reproductive health.

Today, I will be sharing with you my experience of Hertility, a simple at-home finger prick blood test that can not only flag reproductive hormonal imbalances but provide an insight into fertility too.

Keep reading to hear more about how I found the testing process and how this has helped me so far.

A little bit of background

Over the past few years, I have experienced a significant shift in my health in a way that has negatively impacted my quality of life. I have had numerous trips to the doctor only to be told I am “fit and well”.

The thing is, we women know our bodies and know when something isn’t quite right, it’s about time we were taken seriously.

For over 12 months now I have been reporting to my GP what feels like some kind of hormonal imbalance. I have had little luck in getting to the bottom of these symptoms. I have tried more medication, lotions, and potions than you can begin to imagine (I dread to think how much I have spent on prescriptions).

My symptoms have included, stress and anxiety, IBS-C, thinning hair, dry skin and lesions in areas I won’t even mention, mood swings, brain fog, forgetfulness, heart palpitations, muscle fatigue, excessive daytime sleepiness, irregular periods, spotting, heavy bleeding, you name it.

The most frustrating thing is, as an Online Fitness coach, I consider myself to live a relatively healthy and balanced lifestyle, so why do I still experience so many unpleasant symptoms?

With long NHS waiting times and being unable to afford private healthcare, I was starting to accept that these ailments were going to be a permanent part of my life.

Feeling overwhelmed, and at a complete loss, I almost gave up...

...Until I heard about Hertility!

Hertility testing is a comprehensive analysis of hormonal markers, allowing you to assess your hormone levels and identify any potential imbalances.

By understanding your hormone profile, you can work with healthcare professionals to develop a personalised strategy to promote hormone balance and optimise fertility.

One of the significant advantages of Hertility is its convenience. Traditional testing often requires multiple visits to a GP, long waiting times, and in my circumstance, unable to access certain tests to do with my hormones, due to not actively trying to conceive.

In contrast, Hertility allows you to perform hormone testing from the comfort of your own home. With a simple collection kit and clear instructions, you can collect samples and send them to the laboratory for analysis. The results are delivered securely and confidentially online, providing a hassle-free experience.

Ordering the test

The process was simple, on their website I took part in a user-friendly quiz to help establish the right test for me. The current options for this are either the Hormone & Fertility test or coming soon is the Monit-Her Menopause test too.

There is an option to pay in full or you can split the payment with clearpay. I was surprised that the cost of the test was only £149 which is much cheaper than going down the private healthcare route (the going rate for a private consultation starts at around £250).

Considering the time I have wasted on hold to book doctor’s appointments and weeks spent on waiting lists, the price of this test seemed like a very affordable and speedy solution to my health concerns.

The test arrived within a couple of days, and I was pretty much raring to go.

One thing to mention is that you may need to test on day 3 of your cycle, if you have a good idea of when you are due on your period then I would recommend ordering the test to align with this to avoid having to wait until your next cycle.

Collecting the sample

Carrying out the test was very straightforward; the box contains all the instructions and equipment you need and explains clearly how to collect your blood sample.

This started with drinking 2 cups of water 30 minutes before carrying out the test and sitting my hand in warm water to improve blood circulation. There were plenty of lancets provided in the testing kit and with just 3 finger pricks I had enough blood for the sample.

Once the test was complete, I popped everything back into the box, posted it back on the same day, and then waited patiently for my results. Surprisingly, the report was emailed to me in just 7 days which was a huge bonus as the usual turnaround time is around 10 days.

A hormone testing kit laid out with lancets, blood sample collection tube, alcohol swabs and plasters
Simple At Home Hormone Testing Kit

Getting the results

Ok, I will be honest, the results were a little unexpected.

I wasn't wrong when I said I felt my hormones were out of whack. The results flagged up a number of imbalances in my estrogen, follicle-stimulating hormone, and anti-mullerian hormones.

The report also flagged that I am at risk of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency, which is essentially my ovaries stopping working before the age of 40. Not what I had expected at all but explains why I have been feeling somewhat peri-menopausal.

Within a couple of days, I was able to discuss my results with a Hertility Gynaecologist who addressed my concerns and recommended the next steps. This was helpful and reassuring to know that there was so much support available if I needed it, in the form of fertility counselling and also further tests if needed.

I have also been able to take the lab report straight to my GP and request further tests, that have previously not been offered to me. Finally, I feel heard.

Due to the indication of a low ovarian reserve, I have decided to book a Fertility MOT ultrasound scan with Hertility to understand more about my antral follicle count and the health of my uterus, this way I can understand more about my fertility and start to make decisions around starting a family.

To Summarise:

The Hertility test offers a comprehensive and convenient solution for women like me seeking to understand their hormones and fertility.

Incorporating Hertility testing into a self-care routine is a simple and affordable way to gain valuable insights into reproductive health, hormone balance, and ageing-related factors.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about family planning options, seek appropriate medical interventions, and maintain emotional well-being throughout your fertility or menopause journey.

In my case, although the results were not as I had hoped, being able to take this into my own hands alongside a supportive team of fertility professionals has provided me with huge relief.

I am pleased that my symptoms are now being taken seriously and investigated properly.

So, if like me you are trying to understand your fluctuating hormones, and you think your reproductive health may have a part to play, I highly recommend ordering your own Hertility test so you too can take back control of your health and your future.

What's even better, receive £10 off your own Hertility Hormone & Fertility test, just enter the code THEWELLNESSMENTOR at checkout.

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