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Girl standing in front of a canal wearing fitness attire.

My Journey So Far...

"My mission is to help women improve their fitness for lifelong benefits"

Who am I?...

Hi! I’m Natalie, Fitness and Wellness Coach and face behind The Wellness Mentor.


As a business owner, I understand firsthand just how challenging it can seem to juggle work commitments, social life, and a healthy lifestyle!

My journey began in my 20's when I decided I would feel happier if I could lose a few lbs and improve my confidence.

So, I went all in, I transformed my physique through exercise and diet.

I trained hard, doing high-intensity cardio workouts, often training twice per day. I restricted my calories and focused purely on weight loss.

The Truth...

Whilst there were many benefits to exercise and improving my diet...


...becoming obsessed with the number on the scales did the opposite for my mental health and overall well-being!


I put myself under so much pressure and restriction constantly searching for a fitter, leaner, lighter body.


I wanted to be able to train and look like an all costs. 

But I wasn't an athlete.


I was Natalie a Full-Time Account Manager, overwhelmed and trying to achieve far too much to keep up with influencers and "thinspiration".

I had to change my approach!

Following a period of burnout, I was forced to rethink my approach to training if I was to continue on my fitness journey.


So I spent time educating myself on how to enhance both my physical and mental wellness.

I removed some of the unnecessary stress and pressure that I was imposing upon myself in the quest to be a smaller version of myself. 

I stopped focusing on the numbers and started to focus on improving my health and wellness instead.

I qualified as a Personal Trainer and have since dedicated my spare time to understanding how to get maximum results with less stress and more freedom. 

The results have been life-changing.


Whilst life will never be easy, or perfect, it's much easier when you have a good relationship with yourself.

These days I feel healthy, strong, and confident, and focus my energy on feeling good.

How I help women today

Through my experience, I understand the barriers women face when it comes to diet and exercise.

Diet Culture and unrealistic beauty standards can send out a confusing message about health and wellness.

This makes it difficult to remain consistent.

My job is to make it as easy as possible for my clients to improve their wellness.

I do this by:


Educating on subjects such as diet culture, exercise, nutrition and women's wellness.

I work in partnership with each client to identify self-limiting habits and build new healthy routines that work for them!

I help my clients unpick negative beliefs around dieting to rebuild confidence and a more positive body image.

As an Online Fitness and Wellness Coach, I deliver my services via Online Workouts, Group Programs, and 1-1 Coaching.

This enables clients of all abilities, time, and budgets to benefit from professional coaching and guidance.

Client Feedback

Natalie has not only helped me physically with my initial weight loss journey after the birth of my second son but she helped me mentally, easing my anxiety, and lack of belief in myself and educating me to make better, healthier food choices.

Thanks to Natalie I now live a much healthier lifestyle, I have the confidence to go to the gym, the motivation to do other physical activities and I have a much better understanding of the foods I eat to fuel my body.


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