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How I Improved My Health in 3 Simple Steps

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

I thought losing weight would make me happier and more confident.

But at my "goal weight", contemplating life, I realised that no amount of external validation was ever going to bring me happiness.

If I wanted to be happy, I needed to make real changes to my lifestyle.

I'm not talking about switching up my workouts or diet plan...

...I had to change my mindset and beliefs around my body and my worth.

I had spent years working on the perfect "Bikini Body" but totally disregarded what was plainly obvious looking back.

The level of restriction, discipline, and high expectations of what I thought I should look like was having a detrimental effect on my mental well-being.

You see in the beginning, I wasn't exercising to be strong or improve my lifespan.

Neither was I nourishing my body for energy and vitality.

I deprived myself of true enjoyment of life, in pursuit of reducing the number on the scales.

I didn't consider that what I was doing was unhealthy.

From what I saw on social media I was convinced I was helping myself be "better" at life.

My happiness improved for the better when I did these three simple things.

  1. Started prioritising my health over my size

  2. Considered what healthy looked like to me (ignoring unrealistic beauty standards)

  3. Started doing less but doing it better and more mindfully

A lady holding a whiteboard reading "no dress size looks as good as fit and well feels".

As an Online Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, your physical and mental well-being is my priority.

Together we work to create a fitness plan that you can commit to (no matter how hectic your lifestyle) and we will cultivate proactive and self-loving habits so you can feel better both inside and out.

If you need some guidance getting on the right track with your fitness and health, why not book a free no-obligation call using the button below?

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